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About Shanghai Arenco Machinery Co., Ltd



Located in the Jinqao Export Processing Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, Arenco Shanghai Machinery has a factory area of 10,000 square meters, and is our main production plant.


Since 1994, the facilities are located between the export facilities (harbour and airport) and downtown Shanghai. Shanghai Arenco is working with sales and development of packaging machines and conveyor systems. Business area subcontracting where we produce parts, units and machines from the customer's documentation is headed from Shanghai. Components, modules and machines for Arenco's product range comprising match, packaging and fish machinery are mainly produced in our Shanghai factory.

Milestones Arenco Shanghai

The company Shanghai Arenco Machinery Co., Ltd was established 1992, when a joint venture between Arenco AB and Shanghai Light Industry was founded. The company started to produce parts and machines for Arenco´s Match Machinery program. After Arenco AB took 100% full ownership of the company in 1998 packaging and handling equipment together with subcontracting for a number of well-known packaging machine companies have changed the company's direction.
The list below shows some of the milestones in Shanghai Arenco's history.

1992: Joint venture of Shanghai Arenco established.
Shanghai Arenco moves to Jinqiao Export Processing Zone in Pudong.
Introduction of first Shrink Wrapping Machine licensed from Sweden.
Arenco AB acquires the full ownership.
Cooperation agreement with Carryline in Kungälv, Sweden.
Delivery of first subcontracted machine.
Quality Assured ISO 9001
New ownership of the Arenco group
New generation of Shrink wrapper SW introduced on the market.

Shanghai Arenco Machinery Co., Ltd, Pudong, Shanghai, 201206, P.R. China