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Arenco AB, Kalmar, Sweden

The Swedish Engineering company Arenco, situated in Kalmar, was founded in 1877. The product concept has been formed to cover a complete product range for the match industry comprising match machinery, match raw material and a wide range of services.


Arenco is servicing Roller and Hering machinery. With our 100+ years experience in machine production for the match industry worldwide, whole factories can be tailor-made. Our machinery is continously improving in order to improve efficiency and profitability for customers.

Many match companies over the world are receiving service and support from Arenco through a technical agreement. They receive a yearly visit by a match expert for advice, mechanic or chemical service and fine-tuning of machines. Match products and material are tested in our central laboratory. The agreement also includes membership in the Match Tech Society, where a technical meeting is arranged every second year.


Our head office for designing, developing of match machinery is located in Kalmar, Sweden.

Arenco AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

Arenco AB is the owner of the VMK brand, one of the most famous fish processing lines in the world. The VMK range includes machinery for all types of fish processing. The machines can be integrated into lines, and can also be combined with packaging and handling machines to provide complete solutions. The VMK.organization is working out of Kalmar and Gothenburg.

Shanghai Arenco Machinery Co., Ltd, Shanghai, P.R. China

Shanghai Arenco Machinery is our main production plant located in Jinqao Export Processing Zone, Pudong, Shanghai with a factory area of 10,000 square meters. Our location since 1994 is in between the export facilities (harbour and airport) and downtown Shanghai.


Shanghai Arenco is working with sales and development of packaging machines and conveyor systems. Business area subcontracting where we produce parts, units and machines from the customer's bill of material is headed from Shanghai. Components, modules and machinery for Arenco's product range comprising match, packaging and fish machinery are mainly produced in our Shanghai factory. Comprehensive control of material quality and machine operations were carried out at an early stage to secure the high quality of the parts and machinery produced.



Arenco AB, Box 915, SE-391 29 Kalmar, Sweden