The company Arenco originates already in 1877, when Siefvert & Fornander was founded. The company was incorporated in the company AB Förenade Tändsticksfabriker 1914/1915 later known as Swedish Match in 1917 and had until 1979 a very diversified product range covering, apart from match machinery, also packing and tube filling machines, fish processing, cigar machines, wall paper printing machines and many other products.

In 1955 Sivco, Kalmar merged with Arenco, Stockholm under the name “Arenco”. Arenco, Stockholm was located at Alströmergatan 15-17 and was, beside machinery, also into early electronics.

In 1979 the non-match machinery was divested. By the acquisitions of the company Roller in 1987 and the company Hering in 1998, Swedish Match Arenco strenghtened its position as the leading supplier of machinery, service and raw materials to the match industry.
From having focused on match machinery only during the 1980’s until 1996, Arenco has since then once again expanded the product range to several non-match products, while focusing on areas where we can use our strengths – quality machinery manufacturing, handling products at high speed and being a company having a truly international business.

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