VMK16 M95

The additional Gender Sorting unit, M95, identifies females containing mature roe from males and reject them. The Gender Sorting unit is mounted on the VMK16 Nobbing Machine prior to the cutting units, avoiding damage to the females. Males and females without mature roe are continuing to processing in the Head /tail cutting machine VMK16. The system is sensitive to the colour of the roe, so it is possible to set the threshold for the quality of the roe.

Stainless steel fish pockets carry the fish to precision measuring device that customize the position of the head cut and tail cut for each individual fish, achieving high yield. Additional equipment is available for cutting the fish into pieces

The VMK16M95 can be used as a single module, or connected to a VMK31 Feeder and VMK11 Filleting Machine. The machine is working with around 300 fish per minute. The machines are made from all non-corrosive material.

The M95 unit can be added to the VMK16 standard machine afterwards, as a retrofit.