The VMK16M64 Nobbing machine accurately and efficiently removes the head and tail of the fish, then evacuates the viscera using a hygenic vaccum system synchronized to the travel of the fish for increased suction time. The vacuum unit M64 is connected to a vacuum tank, VMK752 which takes care of the offals.

Stainless steel fish pockets carry the fish to precision measuring device that customize the position of the head cut and tail cut for each individual fish, achieving high yield. The VMK16M64 Nobbing machine can either be manually fed utilizing two or three operators, or automatically fed by the VMK31 Automatic feeder to achieve production automatic production.

With stainless steel head and fish pocket chains, both interchangeable for size and adjustable for speed, the VMK16M64 can accomodate a variety of sizes and types of fish, including sprats, anchovy, kilka, herring, sardine, sardinella, mackerel, horse mackerel and similar species.

The M64 unit can be added to your VMK16 standard Head/Tail cutting machine afterwards, as a retrofit.