World leader in Match Production Lines

We develop, manufacture and market efficient machines and complete production lines worldwide for Fish processing, Match production and Packaging. We also provide service and spare parts for these machines and supply consumables to the match making industry.

Arenco Subcontracting is delivering fully ready tested units or machines to customers and end users. By sourcing – locally or by import – we manufacture the components needed, followed by mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, test running, validation and packing.

“Several well-known European packaging machine producers have decided to subcontract part of their program from Arenco”

Depending on the volume of the products to be assembled we use both assembly lines and assembly on one spot. Electrical assembly of cabinets and connection and wiring on the machines is carried out. We have a flexible workforce that can handle several machine types both for assembly and final testing.

The Arenco Group is owned by Inducore.

April 15, 2016

The Arenco Group is growing with the acquisition of KVK

Arenco has acquired Kalmar Verkstadskompetens AB, mentioned short as KVK.
KVK, with a turnover of 1,5 million € in 2015, is active in machine assembly and hiring of personnel for industrial companies. Arenco and KVK are sharing facilities at Fornandergatan, Kalmar


From the left: Bo Karlsson and Kenneth Dahlberg, KVK

-With the acquisition of KVK, we strengthen our capacity within machine assembly. An increased workshop, with highly competent staff, gives a flexibility between our manufacturing units in Kalmar and Shanghai, which will be valuable for our customers, says Håkan Mattisson, MD of Arenco.

KVK was started by six partners about 10 years ago, one of them being Sten Fredin. Today KVK is managed by Andreas Nilsson:
-For us at KVK, we are pleased that Arenco, as a bigger company, chooses to make this acquisition. Together we will have good possibilities to develop our business, says Andreas Nilsson.




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Welcome to Arenco AB Rita Jakobsson.
We are very excited to have you as a part of our team. Rita is leaning on nine years of experience from Södra Wood in Långasjö, and prior to
that a number
of positions within the industrial engineering industry. As the customer service manager of Södra Wood she has been working with domestic- and export sales of construction timber and interior wood.